57th Calif. State Square Dance Convention, California Great Outdoors

Welcome to the 57th California State Square Dance Convention Silent Auction Page!


The 2017 SQUARE DANCE CONVENTION will include a silent auction where dancers have a chance to bid on a variety of wonderful items donated by associations, clubs, an individual dancers. All proceeds go towards the costs of putting on our convention.

To make the silent auction a success, we need your donations. We are asking each Association and Club within California to consider preparing a basket of goodies to donate to the silent auction. Themes are left to your imagination.

Please discuss this request with your association/club, then complete the bottom section of this sheet and return it as indicated. Please include a list of the items along with an estimated value that are included in your basket.

You can bring them along with you when you attend the convention, or we will be glad to arrange for them to be picked up from you. Just give us a call.

Questions may be directed to Florence Bell at 714-642-6828 or Edrea McCreary at 714-321-9111.

Silent Auction intro letter and submission form (Fillable PDF 147 KB).

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