57th Calif. State Square Dance Convention, California Great Outdoors

2017 Featured Callers

"Dee Dee" Dougherty-Lottie
Minneapolis, Minnesota


Bronc Wise
Lakewood, Colorado
Dee Dee Lottie

World Class Teacher-Cuer-DJ and Line Dance Iinstructor.

Dee Dee is a full-time traveling square dance caller with over 20 years of experience. She also teaches C/W Line Dancing, currently working at 6 parks in the Phoenix area. She lives in Minneapolis, MN but winters in Arizona.

Dee Dee calls extensively throughout the year, including flying out for weekends and festivals. She has called in almost all 50 states, as well as Denmark, Japan, England, Sweden and Germany. She teaches for one-nighters, corporate parties, girl scouts and any other group that might be interested in line dancing or having a DJ of sorts!

Dee Dee is a member of Callerlab, MSDCA, NTA and Swingmaster’s. She is BMI/ASCAP licensed and presently a recording artist with RHYTHM RECORDS. Her latest Rhythm tunes are: I Need You Now, Turn On The Radio, Gimme Gimme, Honey Honey, and Feelin' Kinda Lonely. Her CD’s (all with yodeling!) are always available, along with Country Western line dance booklets. Listen to her MP3 sound bite of "Gimme Gimme." This past year at the First Annual International Square Dance Music Awards she was nominated by the dancers for 4 Ozzies and won 3!

Dee Dee is BMI and ASCAP licensed.


Bronc Wise

Calling Mainstream thru C3B; Full-time, Traveling, Recording artist, Callerlab member, Caller Seminars; Caller since 1975. Professional guitarist and recording engineer who has performed not only on stage, but for radio and tv spots. Recording for New-Beat Productions.

Bronc joined his first square dance class in 1975. 16 weeks later, he called his first tip. Since that time, Bronc has been featured at dances, festivals, workshops, resorts and caller schools all over the U.S. and 21 foreign countries.

Many dancers feel that Bronc's smooth flowing hash calls are like "floating on air". They might also warn you to watch out for a twinkle in those big, brown eyes, as Bronc is a fine hash-calling technician known for inventive and challenging maneuvers. He has recorded singing and hash calls for several different record labels. As a staff member of these labels, he has recorded a number of top-selling records.

An accomplished guitarist, mandolin player and studio technician, Bronc has played on many square dance releases as well as radio and TV spots. His first "on stage" experience came at the age of 12 when he started playing in a rock band. He is currently in the process of recording a compilation of instrumental, surf and rock n' roll tunes. Listen to his MP3 sound bite of "Sweet Home Alabama". (MP3 1.6 MB)

Bronc and his wife, Fia, split their time between their home in Grillby, Sweden, and their home in Lakewood, Colorado.

Bronc is BMI and ASCAP licensed.

Mike Seastrom
Los Angeles, California


Jay Henderson
Bakersfield, California
Mike Seastrom

Calling Basic thru C1; Cueing Easy thru Phase II; Traveling, Recording artist, Callerlab member, Contralab member, Caller Seminars, One Night Stands, Community Dance Program (CDP), Mixers, Line Dances, Country Western Two-Steps, Contras, Handicapable Groups, and Youth Groups

Mike has been calling since 1963/ Records with Rhythm Records - www.rhythmrecords.biz/

He is a past Member of the Board of Governors of CALLERLAB/ Past Chairman of CALLERLAB/ CALLERLAB Milestone Recipient/ Active in Leadership and Caller Training Seminars.

Read Mike's 2011 Caller Lab Keynote address, presented in Las Vegas, Nevada

Listen to his MP3 sound bite of "I Hope You Dance."

He is BMI and ASCAP licensed.


Jay Henderson

Jay is known for his Texas country roots and motorcycle heritage (horses, Harleys and hotrods) – lived most of his life in San Joaquin Valley and now living in San Luis Obispo. He has been calling and teaching since 1959 – received certificate of achievement from American Callers Association for 51 years of teaching, calling and promoting square dancing, June 15, 2011. He was a plumber for 38 years while calling and is now calling full time through out the United States, neighboring countries and cruises. While known for his country singing he also is known for his southern rock and roll and classic rock singing. He has sung in many country western nightclubs and venues.

Jay calls Beginners thru Advance. Served as Valley Callers Assocation President. He has recorded for Royal Canadian, Cowtown, Scope, Big Mac and Co-founder Records and is a recording artist for Fine Tune Records. Current recording with Fine Tune Records are “On the Cover of the Rolling Stone”, “Country” and “Little Black Book”. Listen to Jay’s MP3 sound byte of "Born to be Wild".

He is a member of Caller Lab, American Callers Association (ACA) member, BMI and ASCAP licensed.

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